Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Sale!!

Happy Spring to all my northern friends and happy Autumn to all my southern pals!  To celebrate the season, I'm having a big sale this weekend in my Etsy shop!  If you've been wanting to stock up on patterns, felt, safety eyes and buttons, now's the perfect time to get everything you need!  Please enter SPRINGSALE in the Coupon Code area once you get to the checkout to receive 20% off your entire order!  Sale starts Saturday, 28 March, 12:00am Eastern time and goes till Sunday, 29th, 11.59pm Eastern time.

Just a quick note about the little bunny in the above photo - she's a re-make of my original Pocket Bunny pattern.  I've tweaked the pattern pieces a bit and the new pattern will include step-by-step photos, a grid for the face pattern piece (to make it easier for facial feature placement) and the bonus part is that it will also include pattern pieces, photos and instructions to make a little boy bunny wearing a cute pair of shorts! 

 Aren't they a cute pair?
   Here's a photo of the original Pocket Bunny (above right) and the new one on the left.  As you can see, the new bunny is slightly smaller in the body, her little ears are different as is the placement of her facial features.  I've also included a tiny bow accessory.

I'm planning on re-doing each of the original Pocket Pets (below) and will share photos of their progress as I go through each one.  I hope you like the new version of the bunny so far!
Have a fabulous weekend!
~Shelly xo

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A New Look for Flora the Explorer!

Flora the Explorer has had a make over!  I've tweaked her pattern here and there and I hope you'll agree that her new look is much cuter than before! 
 The newest version of the pattern includes a slightly different face grid for facial feature placement, bigger eyes, shorter legs, a brand new suitcase and a sweet little bow!  I've also completely re-written her pattern and have included many photos showing how to make her.
I've made a bunch of these sweet kitties in different colours and each one is available as a kit in my Etsy shop.
Below is the original Flora which I created a couple of years ago - you can read more about her here:
And then I re-did her pattern a while later and created the ones below:
They are positively beady-eyed and unfriendly looking in comparison!
I hope you like her new look!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pocket Fairies

From as far back as I can remember, I've always loved playing with dolls.  When I was little, my Nan would turn plastic margarine tubs into the most wonderful little doll bassinets, complete with tiny hand sewn pillows and blankets made from scraps of wool.  Back then, the tubs were rectangular in shape which was perfect for making into dolls' beds.  She would poke holes all around the top rim and then attach colourful little skirts which she'd crocheted to hide the outside of the container.  Oh what fun we had putting our little babies to sleep in them!!
 I had an idea of creating a teensy baby doll to fit inside a little tin.  Well, as the doll progressed, she had a bit of a mind of her own and she ended up becoming a tiny fairy instead.  And once she was made, she told me that she needed a little friend who could come for sleepovers.... 
  So, I made two tiny fairies, each just big enough to fit snuggly into an Altoids tin bed which I decorated with pretty papers.  Each wee bed contains an embroidered pillow and a colourful patched quilt which keep the fairies snug and warm on chilly nights.

 Don't they look cozy in their little beds??

I wanted to create a pretty little bed, reminiscent of the ones my Nan used to make, so I chose papers with tiny patterns and prints in soft colours to decorate each tin.

The pillows are embroidered with tiny lazy daisy flowers and the quilts are reversible - cute, tiny patches on one side and a solid colour on the other.

These tiny girls measure just over 3 inches tall and their dresses and wings are removable.  I've used a tiny press stud closure to connect their wings directly onto their backs, so they can easily be removed for dressing.  Their hair is made from Tussah Silk roving, so it can be gently styled or tied back with narrow ribbon.

The pattern for the little fairies will include instructions and pattern pieces to make the doll, her little dress and wings, the bedding and the templates needed for decorating the tin.  And it should be available soon!!

Wishing you a wonderful week :)
~Shelly xo