Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Pattern!

Hi dear friends!  Hope you've all been well :)  As most of you know, I've been working on a book project for the last few months and have not had much time to post very often here on my blog or work on any new patterns for my shop.  The second batch of dolls is now complete and they've been sent to the publishers house for the next step of the process. 

Before I start on the third batch, I thought I'd take a couple of days to work on a little animal hat pattern that I've been envisioning in my mind!  The hat is designed to fit Blythe dolls and includes four pairs of animal ears to choose from - from left to right, a lamb, kitty, mouse and panda (or bear).
These darling little hats are super easy and quick too! 

I'll be working on writing up the pattern and it should be ready for my shop withing the next few days:)

Sweetest regards,
~Shelly xo

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Wonderful Holiday!

Hola amigos - hello friends!  We've just arrived home from a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  The weather was nice and hot each day and we got to experience some amazing thunder and lightning storms almost every night.  I love how friendly the people of Mexico are and would highly recommend going there if you're able!  Here's some pics of our trip..
John and I on the beach in front of the resort - Royal Decameron
The view from our suite - facing right
Facing left
Two for the road:)  Wandering outside of the resort grounds..  we found a path which led to the next resort.  On the way, we met an old Mexican man who was stationed at a little hut just beyond the trees behind my shoulder to the right of the photo.  He was the security guard and was just starting a little fire to keep the bugs away.  We stopped to say hello, but couldn't understand a word he was saying and he couldn't understand us either, but we seemed to have an entire conversation with him before moving on to explore the rest of the trail!
Two of the dozens of iguanas that live at the resort.
We booked a horseback riding tour:  http://www.bestofbucerias.com/product_horseback_riding_rancho_capomo_335 - what a fun day!  Oh my goodness, we had a blast!  Our tour guide picked us up early one morning along with a 5 other couples and drove us to a ranch in the mountains of Las Palmas about an hour away from the bustling city.  Along the way, he showed and told us interesting facts about the surrounding areas.  After a 3 hour horseback ride through the jungle which included a stop at a beautiful waterfall, we headed back to the ranch to learn how to make pico de gallo which is a super tasty Mexican salsa.
Basically a mix of chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapeno peppers, salt and lime juice.  Here's a link to a recipe for anyone who'd like to make it:  http://www.food.com/recipe/pico-de-gallo-83371
Oh yum!  We also watched how they made tortillas and got to eat them for lunch.
 Yay!  We made it to the waterfall! 
We had such an amazing time and I can't wait to visit again!  I ❤ Mexico!!

~Shelly xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Stuff!

Hello!  Thanks so much to all who popped in for my End of Summer Sale!  It was a great success and I'm sure you'll have lots to keep you busy for the  next while!  I've taken a little break in-between deadlines for my book project and have created three new Pocket Poppet doll kits and three new Poppet outfit kits.  The doll kits are ready and available in my shop and the outfit kits will be available within the next few days.
 I forgot how much I love making poppets!  Each pattern kit will include the pattern booklet to make the doll, the wool blend felt to make the body of the poppet and her shoes, the gorgeous wool yarn for her hair and the pretty polka dot felt for her little sundress.
For the outfit pattern kits, I used the Summer outfit pattern and created three different choices.  Each kit will include the pattern booklet to make the outfit, the wool blend felts to make her sweet little hat, shoes and flower accessory and the polka dot felt to make her pretty, flutter sleeved dress and matching hat band.  This pattern kit will not include the pattern to make the doll.
Also, I've added felting needles to my ever growing section of Supplies.  These are perfect for needle felting the hair of many of the dolls made from my patterns such as the Poppets, Pixies, Mermaid Girl, Mini Moppets, Tag-Along doll, Woodland Elf and Pony.

Have a great week :)
~Shelly xo